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Piperpal / Were / Here / After

Peter Norvig came up with &FriendliestCoffeeShop at &GoogleVisitorCenter:%Search in Palo Alto, California in 2015.

Ole thought that the &FriendliestCoffeeShop is at &Kaffebrenneriet:%Food in Oslo, Norway in 2019.

Moddi played a solo concert at the &CoziestVinylShop and signed his brand new record on our request at &PlatebutikkenBigDipper:%Music on September 11, 2019.

We thought that the &ClassyItalianRestaurant is &Tekehtopa:%Restaurant in Oslo, Norway on September 11, 2019.

We ate at &TheBestLunchPlace on July 4th, 2020 which we thought was as good as &CafediRoma:%Restaurant in Sofienberggata 6, Oslo at 12:00.

We got similar &WarmNordicJackets from &StormbergOslo:%Clothes which we thought was better than &HellyHansen:%Clothes for shorter tours in &Frognerparken:%Film at 20:00 on January, 4th 2022.